We would like to introduce Marumata Shoten, our most beloved Tamari Soy Sauce manufacturer.

MUSO’s signature product, “Organic Tamari Premium Grade”, is produced by Marumata Shoten in Aichi prefecture. The company has been operated by the Deguchi family for nine generations since 1829, passing down the traditional Tamari brewing method from generation to generation.

Using the 100 years-old wooden barrels, Tamari is slowly fermented for around 12 months. During the fermentation period, the master brewer Tomoyasu Marumata carefully watches over the brewing barrels. It is his daily task to scoop the sauce from the bottom of the barrels using a specialized pole, and gently pour it over and over from the top. This process generates the circulation in the barrel which promotes the fermentation in a well-balanced manner. With the great care of the master and the natural fermentation process by microorganisms, Tamari grows into thick texture, robust flavor and strong umami.

Marumata’s Tamari is the great product for strengthening your brand’s authenticity and offering the consumers the true experience of Japanese traditional taste. Please feel free to send us inquiries for more details and information!

Message from Mr.Deguchi  (the 9th president):

“Tamari could be considered the king of soy sauce in terms of its richness of Umami. Labor-intensive and time-consuming steps are essential for its intense taste. At Marumata Shoten, Koji (fermented soybeans) is made from 100% soybeans. We use less saltwater in the preparation process to create a rich Tamari. Placing heavy stones, the daily pouring operations, and removal of Miso at the end is all done by our hands. Inside the warehouse made of wood and earth walls, a variety of microorganisms coexist, and occasionally, unwanted microbes may appear. However, they all work together harmoniously, each playing its role, to contribute to the production of Tamari. It’s a lesson for us that humans should also acknowledge each other and live in harmony.We hope many people will have the opportunity to taste our Tamari and lead a happy, nourishing life. We are diligently working every day, aiming to contribute to society. We appreciate your continued support in the future.


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