Who We Are


 1. A pioneer in organic and macrobiotic foods

“I’ve learnt what to eat and how to eat. But I’m not sure where to buy…”
Our history began from one of students’ voice at Macrobiotic Association in Osaka (founded in 1953). Shuzo Okada, the founder of the Macrobiotic Association has recognized that he needed to show his students not only how and what to eat but also where to get the best products for an ideal microbiotic practice. This is how MUSO was established as a curator of genuine products. 



 2.  A curator of the real taste of Japan

MUSO INTERNATIONAL specializing in the export and import field was founded in 1986. We have been dedicating ourselves to discover and introduce the premium taste of Japan to all over the world. We believe that one of our biggest missions is to protect family-based small company which still keep on making in traditional and authentic ways. Your participation will help to inherit their passion and philosophy to the next generation. 




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