Oct 2009 | Vol.9 MUSO NEWS
Eat Brown Rice?..., Try “GENMAI LIFE”!

Organic Brown Rice Cracker, "Genmai Life"

Do you eat brown rice daily? If so, you must be a health conscious person. If "not", and you may want to try our new product called "Genmai Life". Genmai Life is a convenient food in which you can consume brown rice easily. Genmai Life is an Organic Brown Rice Cracker that comes in three different varieties: Light Salt, Tamari and Black Sesame.  

Genmai Life, known as "Genmai Therapy" in the domestic market was first introduced in Japan in 2007 with the concept of eating organic brown rice once a day "for your health". Eating nutritious organic brown rice crackers is a great replacement for breakfast or lunch. Since 2007, sales in Japan have done well because the bite-sized tasty and light treats have the perfect crunch and are perfect in soups and for snacks for all ages.

Muso did a pre-launch of this product in 2008. In 2009 we decided to officially launch this product with a new name “Genmai Life" and a new package design.

Brown Rice = Genmai is Food for Life

Brown rice = Genmai is more like a multi-vitamin compound; It provides a warehouse of nourishment. It is a living food. When polished white rice is soaked in water for a period of time, it decays. However, Genmai (brown rice) sprouts. Polished rice that is really just starch and contains almost no nutrients. Genmai, on the other hand, contains several vitamins which play an important role in maintaining every function of the human body.


Muso's Annual Trip to the Manufacturer, Arimoto Co., Ltd.

MUSO staff at the front of Arimoto's factory

  Last July the Muso team had an opportunity to visit the birth place of Genmai Life, Arimoto, the manufacturer, as a part of our annual employee training and seminar trip. Arimoto started their business in 1952. They dedicated over 50 years of intensive research and development into the production of various types of brown rice products.
It was such a hands-on and learning experience to see the actual production of brown rice crackers. We also had a chance to hear the President, Mr. Arimoto, passion for his brown rice products and his vision for the future.

Baking line

Cutting line

Cutting line

Mr. Arimoto said, "We, at Arimoto Company, are committed to people's health and happiness through harmony with Mother Nature. We take pride in utilizing brown rice´s nutritional value in the form of various Genmai Crackers. Our mission is to do business by showing our love of nature, by admiring nature´s rich providence, and by serving society."

The person on left-hand side is Mr. Arimoto

Muso is committed to spread Arimoto´s Genmai Life all over the world.
If you are interested in Genmai Life, please ask our sales representatives for the detail.

New package of Genmai Life we are designing.
It will be ready early next year!