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Miso soup every morning: A key to maintain healthy living

If you have learned some of the principals of macrobiotics, you may have already heard about Tatsuichiro Akizuki, who was a doctor in Nagasaki, Japan. Mr. Akizuki was exposed to radiation in Nagasaki from the Atomic Bomb, but survived. He is known because he helped save a lot of lives by feeding staff and patients in his hospital with a strict macrobiotic diet of miso soup with Wakame and brown rice. He prohibited the consumption of sugar and sweets.

We would like to introduce certain points we extracted from his book, “Taishitsu to Shokumotsu (Constitution and Food ~ A way to health ~)”.

Constitution can be determined by daily food

Setting somatology aside, I deepened the confidence that constitution can be determined by daily food and thinking about my illness and constitution, listening to and reading various theories. Constitution is the innateness inherited from our parents and ancestors, but the same time, constitution is made by each human being every day. What the constitution is made out on a daily basis is environment, in which we live actually. Environment is considered as various things, such as sun, air, water…, however, food is actually the main representative of environment.

Food can influence the health and the seriousness of illness, and healing ability

I have devoted to the medical science for 30 years and have examined a lot of patients. I keenly felt the difficulty of curing illness and finding the cause of illness. As I have thought about constitution, food, and the issue of the difficulty, and I deeply realize every day that how important daily food is for our health, the seriousness of illness, and the effectiveness of medicines.

I finally came down to Miso by studying diet and food intensively. I knew Miso is the most important and pivotal food for the Japanese people. Miso is a traditional food inherited by not only particular environment and climate surrounding in Japan, but also the actual constitution of the Japanese people. Boiled soybean is a bit difficult to digest. However, soybean becomes easy to digest by the fermentation in the course of miso or shoyu is being made.


Atomic bomb survivors were cured by consuming Miso soup with Wakame

An atomic bomb was dropped on the city of Nagasaki on August 9, 1945. A hospital I worked located in 1.8km from the center of explosion was left as a ruin in the death ashes. However, my colleagues and I in the hospital kept working to cure patients.

Our hospital was also a warehouse for Miso and Shoyu in Nagasaki city, and we had a lot of brown rice, miso and Wakame in stock. I feel confident that the reason why there were no people who suffered from atomic-bomb disease among our employees who cured patients and people around our hospital with me were all eating "Miso soup with Wakame".

How Miso soup with Wakame can prevent the ill effect from radioactivity? Why Miso soup has such power? I believe there is a power of science (a professor of Hiroshima University proved this power in his research. For the detail, please refer to the upcoming Muso News Vol.16).

Miso is no harm even if eating for long time. It is upper medicine to improve constitution

Even if you start eating Miso, it does not work so quickly like cortical hormone or antibacterial agent. If you eat Miso soup each and every day, you will have a constitution which cannot be beaten by illness, and which can work medicine easily without realizing.


For Chinese medicine, medicine is separated as 3 types, upper medicine, middle medicine and lower medicine. If you take lower medicine, it can work very quickly, however it has side effect. If you take middle medicine, it can work, however, if you take it continuously, it will harm you. If you take upper medicine, it can improve your health, and it has no side effect even if you take it for long time. Therefore, we consider Miso as an upper medicine.


Conclusion reached by experimenting with my own life

I got a sick a lot when I began to understand things, and it caused my mother and family to worry. I was told that I will not live to be over 20 years old. When I turned 20 years old, everyone around me thought that I will not live until 30 years old. I learned medical science in order to run from my poor health.


I really learned medical science by experimenting with my own life. I finally came across to Miso soup. Eating Miso soup every morning. I really think this is a key to maintain health.

Tatsuichiro Akidzuki

Born at Nagasaki, Japan in 1916. (~2005)  Graduated from Kyoto University, medical department. He was a medical director of St. Francis Hospital in Nagasaki. He learned macrobiotics by a founder of macrobiotics, George Ohsawa.
(Quoted by a macrobiotic Magazine, “Musubi” published by Seishoku Macrobiotic Association in Japan.)

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